Delivering ultra-accurate time for Financial Services

MiFID II regulations require that suitable reportable event timestamp accuracies are achieved relative to UTC. Therefore, the requirement exists for a Timing Delivery system specifically designed to provide accurate, reliable and demonstrable traceability to UTC.

Chronos is building on its 30 years of experience in undertaking Sync Audits and Network Planning in vital infrastructure to deliver its SyncAssure service to support customers verifying their Timing Delivery system meets their obligations under MiFID II (SyncVerify), and to calibrate and audit this compliance on a periodic basis (SyncAudit).

The requirements on time traceability though apply “at the exact point at which a timestamp is applied”; in many cases this will be the Application Layer of a Server or a Virtual Server. Chronos is currently developing a service to monitor the time performance at the Application layer of a Linux Server hosting a Trading Engine; an Alpha test scheme is now recruiting. Contact us if you would like to be involved in the test.

A flexible service designed to deliver an appropriate level of oversight to your Timing Delivery Network

MiFID Services - SyncAssure

RTS 25 Compliance beyond the NIC: Timing measurements within the Linux trading server from the NIC to the application layer

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