MiFID II regulations require that suitable reportable event timestamp accuracies are achieved relative to UTC. Therefore the  requirement exists for a Timing Delivery system specifically designed to provide  accurate, reliable and demonstrable traceability to UTC.

With over 30 years experience in synchronisation and timing, Chronos Technology are leading experts in all sync technologies such as GNSS, IEEE 1588 PTP, NTP, 1pps, 10MHz etc. We are technology agnostic so can offer these services irrespective of which technologies exist.  If we recommend upgrades or changes, these will be at functional levels - not Chronos products.

Chronos has broad experience undertaking Sync Audit Services for clients wishing to either design sync systems from scratch or upgrades existing systems to provide additional functionality. Chronos also has significant expertise in the area of standards compliance in the Financial, Telecom and Broadcast markets, bringing with it extensive capabilities in providing system verification and calibration services. Such services can provide the necessary documentation to satisfy regulatory requirements for MiFID II.

SyncAssure is a flexible service designed to deliver an appropriate level of oversight to your Timing Delivery Network.

Sync Verify Services

  • Review of existing sync systems to assess the suitability
  • Recommend upgrade actions
  • Design upgrades of sync systems to provide compliant UTC traceability
  • Sync system design verification in accordance with design specification

Sync Audit Services

  • On-site calibration of UTC alignment
  • Measurement and verification of UTC time alignment at various points in the timing delivery system
  • Periodic on-site audit and calibration services across the world
  • Reports and calibration documentation to provide MiFID II regulatory compliance



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