Underground GNSS Coverage in Tunnels, Stations, Carparks, Bus Stations & Airports

GNSS coverage is fundamental to many services from emergency services to asset tracking, for example. Yet when entering an underground area for example a metro/subway, tunnel, car park, airport, bus station, the GNSS signal is lost.  Chronos partner Syntony's SubWAVE solution expands the GNSS coverage to underground areas enabling the localisation of any equipment with a standard GNSS chipset, ie standard smartphone, TETRA or future Emergency Services Network handset, used for security (locate emergency calls, keep track of isolated staff), maintenance (locate faults in tunnels, asset management) and services (locate trains, provider guidance).

By emitting a perfect emulation of the "real" GNSS, SubWAVE offers underground operators, their staff, emergency services and the general public the benefit of full GNSS coverage in all underground areas for both operational and safety reasons. One fundamental aspect is the user only needs a standard smartphone or TETRA radio. No new handsets, receivers or apps are required. The system operates by broadcasting synthetic location specific GNSS signals through existing or new leaky feeder cables in the tunnels. Accuracy levels vary with leaky feeder and system complexity options, however, 2 metre accuracy is possible with a standard smartphone.

More information is available via our GPS World website or by contacting our team.