As manufacturing, automation and test & calibration facilities harness digital technology in a move towards SMART factory status; the timing requirements for increasing automation and integration are tighter than previously required. Chronos is able to provide bespoke GPS based timing systems, specified to particular customer requirements. Our design-in service allows customers to detail their requirements and Chronos will work with them to provide a solution. Accurate time-base; laboratory GNSS distribution; frequency distribution and measurement; customer application boards and OEM integration packs are all services offered to customers utilising the in-house skills or those of our partners. We are also able to integrate multiple types of system such as Fibre Optic time distribution for specialist applications.

Ucentric Technology

In addition we offer UCentric from MIT Dynamic which takes all the data within your organisation and provides insightful and actionable reports across all sectors and industries. By making use of the most important data within an organisation (its own) Ucentric offers a breakthrough in data analysis. If a device can produce data – whether from simple call logging or complex data comparisons between temperature controls, smart building sensors, building access or unified communication usage, Ucentric can capture it, analyse and offer bespoke intelligence on the working practices of a business and inform future strategies. UCentric’s ability to embrace and leverage new technology which can add further data sources also makes it future-proof.

GPS Repeaters bringing Efficiencies to Industry

The increase of GPS integration into new products has created many new indoor testing applications and requirements. Research & Development, product testing, product inspection and maintenance applications may have diverse requirements but all need to test GPS indoors. The installation of a GPS repeater significantly increases productivity and ROI by bringing the GPS / GNSS signal inside the facility enabling testing or calibration of GPS-enabled devices on a production line or end of line testing; laboratories; or infotainment and satnav systems on a vehicle assembly line. We have been supplying and installing GPS repeater solutions for both military and commercial applications for over 30 years. More GPS Repeating information is available via our website or by contacting our team.