Chronos has been actively engaged in carrying out sync audits for our customers for over 30 years and has unrivalled expertise in this discipline.  A Chronos Sync Audit features data collection, analysis, and reporting and provides recommendations for how to improve areas of concern such as how to measure poor sync, or poor design that could result in potential issues and failure scenarios; how to improve sync availability and redundancy and how to increase visibility of sync health. 

Bespoke testing service, Network Audit - Timing is specifically designed to troubleshoot and characterise the frequency sync performance of telecom networks and network elements. Adaptable to multiple deployment and budget scenarios, it delivers tangible evidence of sync and provides instant awareness of sync issues

Network Audit - Timing

Network Audit - Time from Chronos gives you confidence that your network infrastructure is fit for phase; delivers the performance you need at the edge in all routing scenarios, including the use of third party “dumb pipes”; and employs adequate traceable PRTC devices to deliver appropriate performance.

Network Audit - Time

Chronos’ “Design and Test” premium service gives you access to our expert team of system, product and test engineers; working both at Chronos’ base and in your lab environment; giving you confidence that your links will maintain network edge frequency performance.

Design & Test