25-28 March 2019, San Jose

WSTS is a vendor-neutral technology workshop that addresses evolving sync requirements, as well as the roll-out of new sync systems and standards and their impact on a variety of industries and equipment manufacturers. North America's premier event on timing and sync, Workshop on Synchronization and Timing Systems is sponsored by ATIS and NIST.

Chronos is presenting "A new 1PPS Time / Frequency Interface" at #WSTS2019. Chronos has produced a contribution for ITU which proposes an enhanced coaxial 1PPS interface. This will provide sub-nanosecond accuracy and is fully backward compatible with the existing definitions in G.703. It will interoperate with existing equipment for basic G.703 1PPS operation. Primarily designed for in-station use, it will give much better accuracy and mitigates the security restrictions of other techniques such as PTP.