6 & 7 October 2021, Chronos, Gloucestershire, UK

As 5G introduces new concepts and new network architectures that will have a huge impact on core, transport and radio network design, join our Sync MasterClass to discover how synchronisation will be affected. 

  • Will network slicing slice through your KPIs?
  • Will virtualisation virtualise your revenue?
  • Will RAN functional decomposition rot your ARPU?

If you are in the early stages of rolling out 5G, timing and synchronisation options should be at the centre of architecture discussions.

  • Can your existing network hardware provide full on-path support for PTP & SyncE?
  • Does your PRC need upgrading to be an ePRTC?

The Sync MasterClass has been delivered to over 1700 delegates from telecoms manufacturers and operators since 1999. Register today; or contact us to arrange in-house sessions tailored to your requirements.  Chronos Sync MasterClass