5-6 March 2020, IET, London - Building Resilient Systems for the 21st Century CyberSecurity

With the rapid advancements in technology and connectivity, the threat of cyber-attacks on industrial control systems is fast becoming a reality that no company can ignore. Such attacks not only have the potential to cause financial damages but can lead to loss of production for the entire system. Chris Farrow of Chronos will discuss "Why Sync & Timing is Critical for Industrial OT Networks" and how accurate and stable clock synchronisation is a key enabler for many parts of modern society but its importance is often overlooked and only focussed upon when things go wrong. Technologies like PTP (IEEE1588-2008) are bringing high performance time transfer to all industries that utilise Ethernet but are also increasing the attack surface and exposing once "secure by obscurity" clock & time systems to network based attacks & attackers. This talk will attempt to frame the criticality of sync & timing in the context of the cybersecurity landscape and the increased prevalence of jamming & spoofing of GNSS signals. Risk mitigation strategies & technologies will be discussed. More information and registration details for the event.