The Virtual Primary Reference Time Clock - A Next Generation Timing Architecture for Critical Infrastructures

Webinar hosted by GPS World Magazine - 27 August 2020

Free to attend - Duration: 60 minutes

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Accuracy, precision and stability have traditionally been used to describe the requirements for timing and synchronisation. Although these timing metrics remain vital, a new set of requirements have become equally important with the goal of delivering better resiliency in critical infrastructure: prevention, restoration and recovery. A variety of technologies are being discussed to create a back-up to GNSS. The answer to greater resiliency does not lie in the number of timing sources, but rather in a timing architecture that incorporates these technologies. This presentation will discuss how a Virtual Primary Reference Timing Clock (vPRTC) architecture is optimised for resilient timing. Speakers include Tony Flavin: Manager, Strategic Research at Chronos, Jim Olsen: Senior Network Architect at Microchip and Lee Cosart: Chair of ATIS Sync Committee, Microchip.

This webinar will include:

  • An overview of the use and dependencies upon GNSS timing for critical infrastructures
  • Understanding key new protection-enabling standards that designers of critical infrastructure should be aware of
  • New design principles for a timing distribution architecture that provides protected and resilient timing
  • Definition of the vPRTC architecture and the role of protected GNSS, atomic clocks and high-precision IEEE® 1588 PTP timing distribution
  • Applications and industries that have deployed the vPRTC architecture

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