Webinar: Delivering Secure, Reliable and Traceable Time in Datacentres - Chris Farrow

Thursday 29 October 2020 at 11:00 am Europe/London

With the need for precise time becoming ever more prevalent in all modern financial, business & communication systems, how does this drive the services that datacenter operators can offer to their clients?

Typically end-customers have implemented their own solutions, deploying NTP & PTP primary clock servers with GNSS antennas installed on the roof ad-hoc. Bringing those services into the default offering of the datacenter (space, power, cooling + precise time!) not only unifies the service but brings greater reliability and traceability to the end-user.

Chronos' unrivalled experience in supplying, installing and supporting time distribution systems can give a unique insight into the specific issues when deploying these services along with expert audit services to test, trace & measure performance to globally recognised standards.

This talk will look at the development of timing technologies, why they are needed and audit services that can guarantee operation to within even the most demanding customer requirements.

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