5-6 May 2021, Online Webinar

With the rapid advancements in technology and connectivity, Industrial Control Systems are constantly exposed to cyber threats which are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to detect. Cybersecurity, therefore, needs to be a top priority for companies seeking to identify new risks and increasing their resilience to the evolving threats to critical systems.
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The Cyber Security for Industrial Control Systems conference will focus on identifying the latest cybersecurity challenges facing companies today and examine how these can be mitigated against by building resilient and responsive systems.

Chronos presenting: 'If time travel can make the lights go out, how do you keep them on?' on 6 May at 09:05

Secure, resilient & traceable time is becoming an enabler in every aspect of the modern hyper-connected world but what would happen if an attacker could interfere with time inside your organisation? Network wide or maybe just at a few select locations? Complex attacks can involve spoofing of time signals to interfere with trust algorithms and the massive installed base of legacy GNSS receivers in ICS deployments are an attack vector just waiting to be exploited. This talk will examine new & novel use of technologies and network architectures as they evolve to address weaknesses in current time-distribution systems by bringing highly accurate time-transfer capability to existing equipment. All the components of time generation & distribution can be brought inside your control making it now easier than ever to own your own secure, resilient & traceable timescale.