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Lydbrook, Gloucestershire - 8 October 2011- Chronos Technology celebrated 25 years of trading with a dinner at The Chase Hotel in Ross-on-Wye for 120 staff, guests and partners on 8 October 2011.

Charles Curry, Founder and Managing Director of Chronos addressed the audience after dinner with a speech welcoming guests who represented key people involved with Chronos over the years including customers, suppliers, professional services and academia.

Charles began by explaining that Chronos specialises in time technology.  This was illustrated by comparing a light year to a nanosecond.   Light travels approximately six trillion miles in a year and approximately one foot in a nanosecond!

Charles welcomed customers, some of whom have been working with Chronos for over 20 years, represented major telecommunications operators including BT, Vodafone, O2, Orange and T-Mobile.  Charles acknowledged the strong bond and enduring relationships Chronos has with these major UK carriers based on mutual trust and a willingness to go the extra mile.

Charles explained for the benefit of the non-technical people in the audience that Chronos provides the timing for data traffic in telecom networks which in effect controls the rate of traffic flow on the ‘data highway’.  This operates in much the same way as active traffic management on our Motorways, citing the variable speed control on the M42 as an example.

The telecom industry manages its timing using atomic frequency Standards to regulate data traffic flow across their networks ensuring that data does not result in a traffic jam as many road systems do today!   Charles went on to explain that Chronos supports over 75 customers in over 50 countries to ensure that their data networks continue to operate efficiently at all speeds.

Charles recognised the effort of many staff across the Company working on the SyncWatch project.  SyncWatch is the Chronos flagship synchronisation 24x7 testing solution for the new high speed telecom networks and is now marketed globally by Canadian Company EXFO.

Guests from the University of Bath with whom Chronos has a very close research and collaborative relationship were welcomed.  Charles explained that Chronos was researching the aspects of interference that can upset the global satellite navigation system signal from the GPS satellites that makes Satnav work in your car.  Chronos is now recognised as a world leader in this highly innovative research area for the real-time detection of GPS jammers – a significant threat to reliable and continuous operation of national infrastructure which relies on GPS timing.

Following the dinner on Saturday night, the next day Chronos hosted an open morning at Stowfield House in Lydbrook with a tour of Clearwell Caves afterwards.