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Part of the successful team, Ben Adams

Lydbrook, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, 30 July 2012 - Chronos Technology Limited, the UK leader in time, timing and synchronisation for the telecom industry, has provided Forest School of London with a clock to provide precise time for its successful attempt at breaking the Guinness World Record for running the furthest distance on a single treadmill in 24 hours.

Chronos supplied an ND-4 NTP Display Clock which was placed next to the treadmill and used for every transition of runner, every minute throughout the 24 hours.  The clock was driven by a SyncServer S200 network time server with GPS as its time source, meaning the display was using a source traceable to co-ordinated universal time (UTC).  Not only was this accurate but also resilient.  If for some reason there had been a timing failure during the world record attempt, restoring the SyncServer and ND-4 would have brought time back to UTC alignment as if the failure had never happened.

The Forest School team successfully ran 437.7 km (271.9 miles) in 24 hours breaking the previous record set by a team in Germany of 423km (262 miles).  The team which consisted of 12 runners had to run day and night and carefully execute changeovers as only one runner is permitted on the treadmill belt at any time.  As well as being Guinness World Record holders, to date the team has also raised £10,000 for Forest School Olympic Scholarship and Essex Disabled Sports Foundation.  To make donations please visit:

About Chronos Technology Limited

Chronos Technology is a leading provider of time, timing and synchronisation solutions and services for fixed and mobile telecom operators and utilities including highly versatile sync testing and monitoring systems, and quality of service applications.  Delivered by a team of sync experts, Chronos provides consultancy and testing services for the latest technological advances in timing including SyncE and PTP, and the acclaimed Synchronisation MasterClass.  Chronos is also a specialist in the field of Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT); and a world leader in GPS interference detection and location.