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eLoran system availability in the UK and Ireland

Lydbrook, Gloucestershire 30 January 2013 – Chronos Technology welcomes the recent announcement by The General Lighthouse Authorities of the UK and Ireland (GLA) regarding eLoran system availability in the UK and Ireland, with full coverage beyond UK shores.

Chronos has been trialling eLoran low frequency signals for timing applications in two Technology Strategy Board funded research projects, GAARDIAN and SENTINEL. Both projects have been continuously monitoring the eLoran  signal at Anthorn in Cumbria over a number of years and have shown it to be robust, technologically independent of GPS, UTC traceable timing signal and suitable as a robust complementary signal to GPS derived timing in locations where the GPS signal is threatened by major interference and jamming.

Prof. Charles Curry, Managing Director of Chronos said ”We are particularly pleased that  the GLAs have enabled the eLoran signal so that it is now being given UK Government blessing from Stephen Hammond and is moving into the next phase of operational status.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with potential users of eLoran timing who want to trial deployment of an alternative UTC traceability timing signal and monitor its quality with nanosecond resolution to that of GPS.”

He added ”Key to the success of the application of the new eLoran signal for timing is the embedded data channel which enables UTC alignment to within a couple of microseconds. Then additional calibration features which Chronos has developed within the SENTINEL project enables much more precise alignment of the eLoran timing signal to within 50 ns of UTC. ”

*1 GAARDIAN – GNSS Availability Accuracy Reliability anD Integrity Assessment for timing and Navigation

*2 SENTINEL – SErvices Needing Trust In Navigation, Electronics, Location and timing