Prof Charles Curry to present at MiFID 2017 Workshop on Time Compliance for MiFID II

28 February 2017

Professor Charles Curry will present at the MiFID II Workshop taking place on Tuesday 28 February 2017 at Gibson Hall in London.

The presentation “Time Travel and its Black Holes” will explore how Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) traceable time travels to your application and provide an overview of the challenges “black holes” where nanoseconds can be lost. It will illustrate with real world examples how time can disappear altogether, or worse – how time can lie without you knowing about it. Finally it will propose how fully resilient self-assured UTC traceable time could arrive at your application with nanosecond precision.

Charles will chair two sessions: MiFID II UTC Traceability Services, Trials and Outcomes; and Mitigating Threats/Vulnerabilities to UTC References and Traceability.  Additionally, he is a member of the Panel: What challenges remain to achieve MiFID II Compliance?

Chronos’ team of sync and timing experts will be available throughout the day to answer your questions and discuss solutions towards MiFID II compliance.


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