1 June 2021

Syntony’s SubWAVE™ GPS Coverage Extension has been installed in the new concrete covered Haninge Bus Terminal in south Stockholm, enabling full seamless continuity of GPS-based monitoring for bus traffic accuracy to the passenger information system.

When buses enter the Haninge Terrassen Terminal they will no longer lose the GPS signal. Using leaky feeders, SubWAVE™ Continuous technology emulates the GPS signal for every receiver in the area. They are then able to compute their own position with an accuracy similar to outside urban environments. Traffic managers can determine whether their buses are stationary or moving in the terminal, and even in which slot they are parked! And an additional software can narrow down the accuracy to a 5-meter level.

Additionally, this information can be passed on to provide very accurate passenger information, improving user experience of the service. Haninge commuters will be able to better plan their journey, directly from the feed on the Stockholm Public Transport (SL) website and smartphone app, together with navigating inside the bus terminal with ease.

Since most smartphones are equipped with GPS chipsets, the signal emulated by SubWAVE™ can be understood natively, even in non-dedicated applications like Google and Apple Map. This access to GPS-based indoor positioning enables the public to benefit from GPS-based guidance; and should the need arise, rescue forces can swiftly respond to emergencies. Indeed, the GPS coverage extension enables location of emergency calls! With this information, rescue forces can access the victims more efficiently, saving precious time, and lives.

Stockholm underground subway is already fully equipped with the SubWAVE™ Zone technology, and with this new installation, SL maintains its leadership in quality of service to its 320 million annual passengers.



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