UCentric Data Analytics - Unlocking Vital Insights from your Data

Data on your own network could be working harder to inform your business strategies and enhance operations with MIT Dynamic's UCentric Data Analytics solution. When connected to your operation’s multiple devices, UCentric captures and analyses raw information, seeks out non-obvious relationships and produces reports to improve efficiency and your top line. If a device can produce data – from temperature sensors to building access; voice systems to network drives – UCentric can capture it, analyse and offer bespoke intelligence on the working practices of an organisation and inform future strategies. UCentric offers the next level in data analytics to all organisations in any sector or industry enabling smart building status.

UCentric’s Unique Data Analysis

For a single piece of data to offer value, it first needs to be collated, analysed and cross referenced to other information. It is the infinite range of devices which can be connected to UCentric which makes it unique – imagine the power of linking voice, unified communications and facilities data to guide management decisions. Ultimately, as long as a device can output digital information, UCentric can incorporate it in its analysis and reports.

Further Capabilities

  • Dramatically enhance migration processes - in some instances, UCentric Voice can reduce the amount of time required to migrate from a traditional PABX platform to a hosted solution from four weeks to just one hour
  • Automate remote capture of multi-vendor asset information
  • UCentric Voice can remotely scan multi-vendor telephony equipment to ascertain status information on utilisation
  • Provide in-life asset management
  • UCentric analyses information from multiple sources simultaneously, and provides a complete picture of the entire voice network estate
  • Inform efficient facilities management
  • In a working world defined by hot-desking and homeworking, UCentric offers organisations a unique tool to ensure the correct level of facilities resourcing
  • Improve security
  • Thanks to UCentric’s forensic analysis capability which allows easier and earlier detection using non-obvious relationship awareness tools
  • Optimise employee productivity UCentric can provide invaluable information on which features are being used by employees and how often, offering the potential to define an optimal usage map

UCentric Voice Migration

UCentric Voice Migration significantly reduces the time and resource required to migrate from legacy PBXs to hosted solutions via automatic PBX audits. Capture extensive device and user data which is reportable via spreadsheets and visual reports or imported directly into a new solution regardless of vendor.

UCentric Environment

UCentric provides a single-point solution to manage all of the disparate building and environmental systems within any business. Utilising its unique vendor-neutral design, UCentric can communicate with your HVAC, lifts, energy supplies, emissions monitoring and building access systems.

Analytics and IOT

UCentric Analytics and IOT allows you to capture and report on a massive range of data sources from traditional call logging to environmental, IOT sensors and much more. Data can be leveraged from both MIT and existing third party IOT devices that may already be in place to unlock vital insights.

To find out more ways that UCentric can help you understand the value of your data and see it as a strategic asset, or to arrange a demonstration, Contact the Chronos team

Rack & Site Monitoring Systems

Working with supply partner, DPS Telecom, Chronos offers the full range of T/Mon Remote Alarm Monitoring systems, and can help you design a robust system that offers complete visibility of your remote sites (whether few or multi), and collects and manages alarm and control information for effective management decisions.  Contact us for more information