Sync, timing, phase and monitoring systems are vital to ensure that the multiple, critical services using communications networks are reliable and consistent.  Chronos delivers the solutions, the components, the knowledge and the service assurance tools to enable the telecoms market to adopt, adapt and trust time, timing and location technology whenever it is required, anywhere in the world.

Meeting the stringent timing and sync requirements of 5G networks

NTP & PTP IEEE 1588 GrandMasters

Meeting the needs of today's demanding and complex communications infrastructures

Modular Synchronisation Systems

Delivering world class performance for precise time and frequency applications

GNSS Instruments

NTP Servers / Network Time Servers providing accurate, flexible and reliable time and synchronisation services

Enterprise Network Time Servers

Powerful and dependable management and monitoring tools for carrier class control and visibility of entire sync networks

Test, Measurement & Monitoring

Supporting military communications, satellite ground stations and test and measurement applications

Clocks & Frequency References

Providing a high reliability, transparent cross-site connection between a GNSS antenna and a GNSS receiver.

GNSS Fibre Solutions

As 5G introduces new concepts and network architectures that will have a huge impact on core, transport and radio network design, join our Sync MasterClass to discover how sync will be affected

Sync MasterClass

Chronos can field arguably the most experienced team in the world for sync & timing knowledge

Sync Expertise