QuTC™ from Chronos is a system comprising a high performance Quantum clock frequency standard with dedicated hardware and specialist software to sync the Quantum clock to UTC

UTC Sync

Supporting military communications, satellite ground stations and test and measurement applications; helping you to generate, distribute and apply precise time in your networks

Cesium Frequency References

Microsemi's SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC), the world’s smallest atomic reference, achieves historic breakthroughs in size, weight and power consumption makes it ideal for portable applications

Chip Scale Atomic Clock

CTL46x GPS Timing Modules are a compact, low cost source of highly accurate time, in small form factor and can be specified with CSAC for extended holdover or TCXO oscillator

GPS Timing Modules

Delivering stable and accurate frequency reference signals for precision test and measurement applications, telecoms, tactical, shipboard and airborne environments

Embedded Atomic Clocks

The world’s most widely installed Active Hydrogen Maser from Microchip for applications that require extreme frequency stability, low phase noise and long service life

Active Hydrogen Maser