A positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) service which complements GPS, eLoran is a low frequency terrestrial navigation system based on a number of transmission stations.

UN-151B Mitigator Series LF Receiver

This latest version of UrsaNav's Mitigator series LF receiver UN151B receiver uses an external eLoran E-field or H-field antenna that is connected to the OEM module using the same antenna connector.

UN-152A LF Receiver

The UN-152A is a standalone enclosed eLoran receiver that contains UN-151B LF receiver module. This version is capable of receiving Loran-C, eLoran, and Chayka signals, including all existing versions of Loran data channels (ie, 9th pulse, 10th pulse, and Eurofix).

UN-006 E-Field Antenna

The UN-006 E-Field antenna is a compact and innovate design with overall length of 13” and diameter of 3.75 inches.  Waterproof to IP-68 with a standard 1-13 thread mount.  Performance meets or exceeds UN-005L antenna that is being discontinued.

UN-008M H-Field Antenna

H-Field antenna is available in 2 formats: the UN-008L and the UN-008M (pictured). The UN-008L is approximately 6 inches square and 2 inches tall and UN-008M resides in a housing of height approximately 6 inches and diameter approximately 8 inches.