Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) require precise timing, particularly 4G/LTE networks and Distributor Antenna Systems (DAS).  Where a BTS is remotely located to the timing antenna, such as in a metropolitan area, RF over fibre can be used to connect the antenna to the BTS.   RF over fibre is also an ideal solution for subway/underground, government and defence buildings or in DAS applications. Ideal for multiple base stations and limited roof space for GPS antennas, RF over fibre allows the possibility of using one antenna with the signal converted to light and then optically split to multiple locations (2-200).

Network Timing

GNSS driven network time servers also require an accurate time signal.  If the location of a time server is not near a building roof or no copper is allowed into the building, RF over fibre is an ideal solution for the GNSS connection.  Equally when there are multiple time servers in different locations/floors, RF over fibre can be split across multiple floors.

OEM RF GPS Fibre Optic Link Module

The ViaLite RF GPS fibre-optic-link provides a high reliability, transparent cross-site connection between a GPS antenna and a GPS receiver.

ViaLite Outdoor Enclosures

The ViaLite suite of outdoor enclosures – the Satcom6 and ODE range – provide a cost-effective housing solution which can be used indoors or outdoors, and in environmentally harsh conditions. The units can be free-standing or wall/pole mounted.

ViaLite HD Rack

A rack chassis equipped with two 100W dual redundant power supplies and either a summary alarm card or an SNMP network control module.  Each ViaLiteHD chassis will accept up to 13 rack cards.  

1U Rack Chassis

The ViaLiteHD1RU rack accepts up to three RF/data cards or two cards plus an SNMP control module. Both rack variants feature dual power supply modules. 

ViaLiteHD SNMP Network Monitoring Card

The ViaLiteHD SNMP network monitoring card fully monitors and controls ViaLiteHD RF over fibre systems. The card can also be used with optical fibre to extend existing Ethernet networks (eg from a control room to the antenna in a satellite earth station).