TimeSource Enhanced PRTC

Secure and fault tolerant source of time for network synchronisation, Microsemi TimeSource ePRTC meets the ITU-T recommendation G.8272.1 for enhanced Primary Reference Time Clocks, protecting telecom and mobile networks from the increasing threat of GNSS vulnerabilities.

SSU2000 & SSU2000e

Intelligent, fully manageable Synchronisation Supply Unit or Timing Signal Generator, the SSU2000 and SSU2000e enable communications network operators to generate and distribute superior sync signals for advanced network services.

TimeHub 5500

TimeHub® 5500 is designed to meet all traditional central office sync and timing requirements, and to provide next generation PackeTime® solutions critical to advanced service offerings such as IPTV. Designed to meet synchronisation requirements for today's demanding video and data applications, Microsemi''s TimeHub 5500 is the next generation BITS.

TimeSource 3050

The TimeSource 3050 is a standalone Primary Reference Source (PRS) which provides Stratum 1 performance in GPS hostile environments via external wall mount or roof mounts. Its new highly integrated rubidium oscillator maintains extended holdover spec with reduced footprint.

SyncSystem 4380A

SyncSystem 4380A builds upon the legacy of the DVB SyncSource 4307A with a completely updated product design that uses high-end components and advanced algorithms to deliver world class performance for the most demanding precise time and frequency applications.