Using the IEEE 1588-2008 protocol standard (also known as Precision Time Protocol (PTP), devices on an Ethernet network are synchronised with IEEE 1588v2 allowing network operators to achieve precise frequency and phase at the edge of the network. Combining over 30 years’ sync and timing experience with Microchip’s comprehensive range of IEEE 1588 sync solutions, we assist our customers with the planning, deployment and maintenance of synchronisation infrastructure to deliver the highest level of performance from their synchronisation networks for 3G, 4G/LTE, LTE-Advanced, 5G wireless, as well as broadband multimedia to the network edge.


TimeProvider 4100

TimeProvider 4100 release 2.2

Best-in-class 1588 Grandmaster, Microchip's TimeProvider 4100 release 2.2 provides a new level of resiliency with the introduction of an innovative redundancy architecture in addition to support for a multiband Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver and enhanced security to ensure always-on precise timing and synchronisation.

Integrated GNSS Master: IGM-1100i release 3.0

Microchip’s integrated GNSS Grandmaster (IGM-1100i) deliveres precise GNSS-based time indoors where there is no GPS reception. IGM fully integrates a 1588 PTP Grandmaster with a GNSS receiver and antenna in a small, fully contained package designed for easy installation on an interior wall or ceiling.

IEEE 1588 Mini Grandmaster: IGM-1100x release 3.0

Microchip’s small form factor IEEE 1588 IGM Grandmaster, IGM-1100x, with integrated GNSS receiver and external antenna, delivers precise time in scenarios where a GNSS antenna is already deployed, or where it would be cost-effective to deploy, such as a small one-story building, rack, hut or a cabinet.

Integrated GNSS Master: IGM-1100o release 3.0

A ruggedized integrated grandmaster IGM-1100o from Microchip can be used in environments such as outdoor cabinets and huts where temperature range constraints and environmental ruggedness are key requirements. For instance serving eNodeBs from the very edge of the mobile network with very few hops to the node.

TimeProvider 5000 and TimeProvider Expansion

TimeProvider 5000 now supports the latest ITU Approved Phase PTP Profiles with capacity increased to 2000 PTP clients

Carrier grade, packet-based timing and synchronisation with robust design providing high client capacity, hardware-based packet processing and redundant hardware to deliver scalable and unsurpassed IEEE 1588-2008 PTP grandmaster performance.

TimeProvider 5000 and TimeProvider Expansion

TimeProvider 5000 and TimeProvider Expansion

Carrier grade, packet-based timing and synchronisation with 1 RU shelves which greatly expand the capabilities of the TimeProvider portfolio, and up to ten expansion shelves can be deployed in any combination.