Precise, Accurate Time in your Network starts with a Quality Installation

Chronos' specialist team of engineers has completed over 1500 GPS timing equipment installations globally.  Working closely with our customers, we have considerable  experience in conducting site inspections and installations. Whether you require a single site, or 200 sites worldwide, we have the skills and expertise to successfully implement and manage your project throughout. GPS timing equipment installation and integration is a highly specialised skill; our team of experts is here to help you.


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Timing Equipment Installations Experts

The installation of GPS equipment is a highly specialised skill . We feature best practices, and illustrate with some extreme examples of bad practice

GPS Installations Excellence

Chronos install team go to the aid of Financial Institution following an inferior installation which left its timing equipment exposed

Timing Equipment Exposed

A financial trading platform renting dedicated cages within a hosting centre required resilient GPS signal to transfer data between the UK and Europe

GPS inside Hosting Centre

Ofcom compliant GPS Repeater Installations for military & civilian hangars; fire stations; production lines

GNSS Repeater Installations

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