Sync & Timing Support Excellence


Chronos has been providing unrivalled support for synchronisation and timing hardware, software and management systems to our customers for over 30 years. Chronos currently supports more than 90 customers in over 50 countries worldwide, including some of the world’s largest service providers.

We support your equipment from implementation through obsolescence and end of life so as to maximise your investment and service delivery to your customers

Keeping your Networks Operational and Generating Revenue 24/7/365

Today’s modern networks are designed with redundancy in mind, giving service providers a solid defence against catastrophic failures. However, equipment failures and other unplanned events arise when rapid response and action is required to prevent non-service affecting issues escalating.

This is where Chronos excels; providing our customers with complete peace of mind that whatever and wherever a situation occurs, we are here 24/7 to offer our expert knowledge and support and to get your network fully operational with the minimum of delay.

Why you need a Chronos Support Contract

For over 30 years the Chronos' Support Services have been providing our customers with complete peace of mind 24/7/365

Chronos Spares Support Plan

A telecom operator was in danger of losing a significant section of a large city exchange over New Year’s Eve ...

Chronos Support Case Study

Why you need a Chronos Support Contract - Support excellence from Chronos

Support Excellence Case Study

The LD4 Data Centre had been experiencing interference to the GPS L1 signal for several months due to a rogue antenna

Rogue GPS Antenna at LD4 Datacentre