With the wisdom distilled from over a 1500 installs, Chronos' knowledge in the field of telecom network synchronisation is second to none. Blend in Chris Farrow, Technical Manager, who worked with Marconi’s System X National Synchronisation Subsystem (NSS) during the 90s and has detailed knowledge of frequency & time generation & distribution systems, including atomic clocks, quartz oscillators, GNSS, SDH/SONET, DWDM, SyncE and NTP/PTP; with Charles Curry founder and MD with over 30 years experience in sync and timing to make a formidable team. We relish the challenges and opportunities created by telecom network sync problems.

Chronos provides a wide range of equipment Training classes for users, network planners and operators of TimeProviders and GNSS timing products. Beyond this is the Sync Masterclass - delivered regularly to over 1500 sync professionals since 1999, both as a public and private class. The Sync Masterclass is a two day event with a non-commercial, pure knowledge bias to bring everyone from technician to strategic network planner up to speed with the latest sync issues and rules.

Beyond the knowledge teaching is the testing consultancy - The Chronos Sync Audit is a bespoke testing service aimed at trouble shooting sync problems quickly and effectively and providing a solution going forward which will ensure they do not reoccur. In addition Chronos has performed strategic sync testing consultancy to evaluate products and services to ensure that they are fit for purpose or perform to network requirements.