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Implementing Phase or Rolling Out 5G?

Join our Sync MasterClass to understand how Synchronisation & Timing are mission critical

As 5G introduces new concepts and new network architectures that will have a huge impact on core, transport and radio network design, join our Sync MasterClass to discover how synchronisation will be affected. 

  • Will network slicing slice through your KPIs?
  • Will virtualisation virtualise your revenue?
  • Will RAN functional decomposition rot your ARPU?

If you are in the early stages of rolling out 5G, timing and synchronisation options should be at the centre of architecture discussions.  In a recent survey at Mobile World Congress respondents said the most important requirement in switch/router hardware was "Quality 5G Timing & Synchronisation".

  • Can your existing network hardware provide full on-path support for PTP & SyncE?
  • Does your PRC need upgrading to be a PRTC?

The next Sync MasterClass session scheduled to take place at Chronos Technology in February 2020.

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